FoodLens API

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  • Helthcare & Medical Solution

    With FoodLens, you can applicate not only
    diet, diabetes but also business for medical,
    healthcare and fitness as well.

  • Insurance Company

    With FoodLens, you can improve your
    customer health and you can get
    big data of your customer's eating habits.
    Based on this, you can design
    various kind of products.

  • Big Data

    With FoodLens, you can collect eating
    habits data by age, gender and region.
    The collected data can be used by food companies,
    restaurants, medical institutions, and governments.

  • Recipe Recommendation

    With FoodLens, you can get recommendation
    recipes based on your eating habits.
    It also can provide various recipes
    recommendations based on food ingredients.

  • Payment assistant/ Unattended Payment

    Applying FoodLens technology,
    you can quickly process non bar code
    products in food courts, bakeries, and markets.